Frequently Asked Questions

Does MARC offer swim lessons?

MARC does not offer swim lessons, however there are third parties that you can contact directly that do offer swim lessons at MARC pool: AquaVentures Swim Academy, an affiliate of Pool Professionals, our pool management company, offers lessons. You can register online at Melissa McDonald, who has swim coaching and instructor experience, offers lessons for beginners and advanced levels. She can be contacted at Also, check the pool bulletin board for other options.


Does MARC offer tennis lessons? 

MARC does not offer tennis lessons, but some private individuals do. Check the pool bulletin board for lesson options.


Can I have more than 4 guests at one time?

To host more than 4 guests at MARC pool, you must arrange a private party. This ensures adequate lifeguard coverage for all our members.


Can my private party extend past the normal pool closing time?

No. Wake County rules require special operating permits for after dusk operation and MARC does not qualify, so no parties will be permitted after our normal operating hours.


Why do the lifeguards clear the pool every hour?

We have a 10 minute break for children every hour which starts at 50 minutes after the hour. This allows guards to check the pool, gives kids a chance to rest and gives adults a chance to have a quiet swim.


Why does the pool sometimes close unexpectedly?

The pool must close under certain circumstances. If there is thunder, the lifeguards must clear the pool until there has been a 30 minute period with no thunder. If there is a “biological incident” in the pool, the pool must be cleared while additional sanitizing chemicals can be added and have had a chance to work. In all cases, the lifeguards will inform swimmers when they may return to the pool. If the pool must be closed due to mechanical problem or chemical imbalance, the lifeguards will inform swimmers and we will make every effort to inform the broader membership via email.


Can I bring a guest from inside the corporate area?

Guests who live inside the corporate area are not permitted.