Aqua water line work blocking access to parking lot summer 2017

  Access to the pool parking lot is temporarily blocked by construction work at the Baker street entrance.  Pool access is still available by the paths from Medfield Road and from Braeloch.  For maps and directions to the pool from these alternate locations, please see:

  Constructions crews are digging at the entrance to the pool parking lot on Baker Road.  As of Friday morning 8/25, the construction worker that one of the board members spoke to was hoping that they would be done with the parking lot today but it might bleed into early next week.

  Aqua is replacing the water lines throughout the neighborhoods of Medfield and Kingsbrook.  They deferred work on Baker road scheduled for earlier this summer at our request (which was hard to achieve).  We had requested the work be postponed to avoid this situation during our busiest part of the season (around swim meets).  They are now here to complete this section of the neighborhood.

  Keeping fingers crossed that we can make it through the remainder of the season without utility disruptions that have occurred elsewhere that were caused by these construction efforts.



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