Bridge/Culvert work nearly completed

 Mid-morning today (Friday 6/30) the workmen on site said the road will be open by end of day.  They have quite a crew and a lot of equipment there, so things are moving fast.  Culvert is in, retaining wall is rebuilt.  Mason worker was finishing up with the cap stones.  They are going to put some rip rap on the banks (upstream side).

  They will need to come back on Monday to finish with clean-up.
 After the completion of the project, the pool board will review the work and see what beautification Improvements we can do:

  • plant shrubs
  • add bridge edge posts
  • maybe install a Star Trek type transporter 🙂

  We would love to have guardrails installed, but TOC work was replacing in kind, and therefore nothing additional like guardrails were considered.  


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