Bridge/Culvert work to start Tues 6/27 – Alternate paths to pool

   (original post updated at 4 PM on 6/27 to reflect updated information)
  Town of Cary (TOC) Repairs to the Bridge/Culvert over the stream between the parking lot and the pool has  started today (Tuesday 6/27).  We will be without a bridge for perhaps a couple of days.  Access to the parking lot(s) are now Closed.  TOC has said that their plan is to be finished on or before Friday June 30th.  TOC is aware of the impact to the pool, but this is an emergency situation, and due to scheduling and materials delivery, this was the soonest repair work could start.  Due to this repair work interruptions to water, power (phone or gas) may occur.  Interruptions to Water, Power or Phone may result in the pool having to close. 

 In order to access the pool, you may take the Sidewalk path from Braeloch starting at the playground (Yellow on the map) -OR- a path through the woods starting at the pump house on Medfield Road bridge (on the southward side of Medfield road between Westhaven Dr and Robbie Dr) (Green line on Map).  As there will be very limited parking at these locations, please consider carpooling if possible.

  I am not an artist, but I did the best I could in short order taking a snapshot from Google Maps.

   For members taking the Braeloch path, please remember to ONLY park on one side of the road along Prynnwood.

  Note for those parking and taking the Medfield Road path, Do not park in front of or block Aqua’s  vehicle access to the Pump house – you risk being towed at your expense.  Thankfully, Mr Richard Hill has graciously said that he will allow parking in his little side yard strip which is right across the road from the pump house.  For roadside parking please park Only on one side of the road.

  The Blue squiggle is the approximate path of the stream and Red indicates the bridge work.

  (Click on the map to see a larger version)

Alternate Routes

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