Pool WAS temporarily Closed due to Phone issues Wed July 5th, 2017

  2:40 PM update:  The pool is now open again!  A temporary line has been dropped until a proper AT&T install can be performed.  So the pool is now officially open.  However the pool will close again at 4 PM to prepare for the 1st swim team HOME meet of the year.  

  Come on out and Cheer on the MARC Sharks Swim team tonight!

The pool’s phone [ (919) 851-8821(seasonal) ] is currently down, causing the pool to be closed.  Wake County pool regulations require the pool have an operating LANDLINE in order to be open.  I know in the world of almost everyone having a mobile phone…. but that is the rules by which we have to operate under.

  The phone service provider has been called and a ticket opened for immediate service.  

We hope the pool closure is of limited duration, but it is something beyond our control at the moment.


Why does the pool sometimes close unexpectedly?

  The pool must close under certain circumstances. If there is thunder, the lifeguards must clear the pool until there has been a 30 minute period with no thunder. If there is a “biological incident” in the pool, the pool must be cleared while additional sanitizing chemicals can be added and have had a chance to work. In all cases, the lifeguards will inform swimmers when they may return to the pool.  If the pool must be closed due to mechanical problem,  chemical imbalance, or telecommunication issue, the lifeguards will inform swimmers and we will make every effort to inform the broader membership via email or Remind App message.

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