Saturday Family Fun Night! Pot Luck! Annual General Membership Meeting!

We’ve got a lot going on this Saturday, August 22nd.

First off, it’s our

80’s-themed Pot Luck!!!

What does 80’s-themed mean?
Well, we’re gonna play 80’s music…and…I don’t know…hope you wear your old parachute pants? (Don’t act like you don’t have them anymore.)

Pot luck of course means you’re gonna bring something the share, food preferably (glass containers would be a total bummer), or in keeping with the theme, a can of hairspray and some acid-washed jeans.
We are, like, totally gonna grub at 5:50.

Followed by the always popular:

Annual General Membership Meeting

Join us at the pool after the pot luck for the annual general membership meeting. You’ll get to witness the exciting world of neighborhood pool board meetings with your very own eyes!

See reluctant volunteers get forced into elected to positions they know nothing about!!
Watch as they begin to squirm as the magnitude of their mistake begins to set in!!!
Hear their spouses offer such words of encouragement as, “No, it’ll be fun!” and “It’s a great way to help the community!” and “Shoot, if Buddy Bell can do it, how hard can it be?” and “Oh sure, you can’t help me fold one load of laundry but of all of a sudden you’ve got time to help run the pool?! My mother was right about you!!” Good times.

And finally, join us on the tennis courts for The Princess Bride Rated PG, 1hr 38min


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