What’s Going on at the Pool?

If you’ve walked by recently or live close enough to hear the racket, you’ve already noticed that some major construction is underway at the pool. So what’s up?


Well there are a few things, first we had a sinkhole wash out in our bridge. The timing of which happened to coincide with the Town of Cary performing some work on the pumping station (which is in our front parking lot). Fortunately ToC repaired the bridge to allow their vehicles access. Then there were some leaks in the pump house caused by hard freezes this winter.

Which brings us to the big news that we are having the concrete deck around the pool replaced! This is a going to be a huge improvement to the pool and facilities and is critical to operations. The previous deck structure was poured in 1978 and has been a big source of headache in recent years requiring patching, grinding and constant maintenance that threatened to prevent us from passing inspections. In addition to safety and cosmetics, the shallow end of the pool has settled at least 4 inches over those 36 years to the point where we had to fill the shallow end to overflowing just to reach the skimmers in the dive well.


We’re in good hands working with Pool Pros, who have been a great long-time partner for construction and management at the pool. We’re confident they’re building a beautiful foundation for decades to come.

…and we’ve gotten assurances that everything will be finished and cleaned up in plenty of time for a May 16th opening! So expect more on that and spring cleanup in the next few weeks.

See you at the Pool!

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